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Be Irish AND look your Best
Featuring an embroidered logo of Ireland 
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Show off your Irish in totally new way
Why an Ireland Shirt?
The Reason
It amuses and saddens us that there is so much stereotyped garbage that gets peddled by big-box retail as Irish Shirts (see picture of said garbage). We assume you clicked our link because you are a true Irishman or Irish Rose. Our Irish Shirts reflect real Irish heritage, and we believe you can express your Irish heritage AND wear an Irish shirt that lets you look your best.  Most of all we believe in quality shirts that deliver on their price.
The Choice
Over and over we see people completely miss the point of what it means to be Irish. But in a way we are thankful...because the nauseating nature of big-box Irish shirts is what prompted us to create Ireland Shirt. Now, here we are 5 years and 1,500 customers later, and we couldn't be happier. Happy because we get to serve you with elegant, upscale Irish shirts. Look at this picture and then the big-box retail crap...we know you see the difference. 
The Result
We guarantee you will have the best, highest quality Irish Shirt.  Don't like it? Send it back, hassle free.  But virtually no one sends their shirt back, they order more...for themselves, for their friends and their family.  It's a clear difference...we know you already know.  Go ahead and give an Ireland Shirt a try right now.  Slainte!
We'll even pay the tax for you - you pay the Special Offer Price and a small shipping fee  
Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"Wears well under a sport coat or by itself. Understated Ireland logo is appreciated and I have purchased several through the years and will continue to do so."
"Proud and Comfortable .
Love the look and the feel. Most comfortable shirt I've worn that I can remember ."
"Love the fabric and fit. Just enough Irish on it to keep it classy💚🍀"
Still Not Quite Sure?
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